Cisco does not make nor brand the memory they sell their customers thus, the memory you get from Direct 2 OEM is exactly the same and at up to 95% off Cisco’s GLP. Because of our relationships with the OEMs, and because Cisco has such a high mark up, we are able to sell the memory at significant savings. Keep in mind this is not third party memory i.e. Kingston but in many cases we can compete with them on pricing. Also, Kingston no longer supports certain Cisco routers. Please email us for the any Cisco memory quotes you may have.

Since 2000 we have been selling approved memory to small companies and twenty-five Fortune 500 companies, there was never an issue with Smartnet. Another advantage is in time critical situations, we can provide Cisco memory or other products the very next day.

Cisco Systems and Smartnet are Registered Trademarks of Cisco Systems

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