Direct 2 OEM is a leader in network implementation of secondary market pre-owned and new Cisco End of Life gear.

Founded in 2000, Direct 2 OEM is built on exceeding our customers’ expectations. We specialize in procuring Cisco pre-owned and new end of life network equipment on the secondary market. For 20 years, we’ve been a go-to solution for the highest quality pre-owned and new Cisco EOL networking products. When wading through the options available in today’s landscape you’ll turn to and to rely on D 2 to be your I.T. Problem Solver.

We have a refined process from seasoned procurement specialists, trusted hardware suppliers, logistics experts and experienced technical support to deliver as a team for your end goal. We follow your requests and guidelines to achieve your complete satisfaction. Direct 2 OEM offers you high-quality, reliable and cost effective End of Life box equipment from industry leading manufacturers such as Cisco. We are also minority certified with the NMSDC.

You can count on With Direct 2 OEM to provide get the necessary products to streamline purchases for you and your customers while reducing time and money spent.

Pre-Owned and Cisco EOL New Network Procurement Solutions

Direct 2 OEM offers you high quality, reliable, cost effective End of Life pre-owned and new equipment from manufacturers such as Cisco. We source from distribution, telecoms, data centers and Fortune 1000 clients globally to ensure there are no issues from the start. Our cost savings are up to 80-90% off List Price. Our equipment is fully tested, and can even be custom regimented to you or your clients’ specific needs. Our robust quality assurance and authentication procedures ensure that equipment is genuine, and we configure to your requested specifications so you receive what you need in the most efficient manner.

We adhere to these primary steps:

  1. Each button, port, and component is tested by trained technicians to create a “test-log” which is thoroughly reviewed for any malfunctions.
  2. Trusted part-suppliers provide us with the ability to restore or replace any damaged components like fans, power supplies, or faceplates to a “like new” condition.
  3. The “shell” of the switch is removed, sanded, and repainted to match Cisco’s precise paint shade, thickness, grain, and texture thus restoring the switch’s physical condition to “like new”. If you would like pictures of finished product let me know.

We pack removable components (like power supplies, fans, modules) separately. However, we can accommodate shipping products within the chassis, ready to be deployed out of the box, where applicable.

The end-product for pre-owned is our Direct 2 OEM “like new” product. Our DOA rate is less than 1% and we offer extended warranties. We strategically align ourselves with industry leaders in networking equipment and logistics so every project for our customers is streamlined and stress free. We also provide the support as needed after your purchase including on line logistics.

Staging & Configuration Solutions

Our S & C starts with utilizing ISO 9001 facilities. We have the dedicated space to configure and test hardware before it’s installed. Our global distribution and logistic partners provide a secure place to stock, store, configure, test, trouble-shoot and ship your IT hardware. When you or your client receives the finished product, it’s gone through the steps so it is ready for installation and utilization.

Direct 2 OEM’s Staging & Configuration services leverage our global distribution connections to ship IT assets worldwide. This service encompasses all things network related in the data center hardware. Our experienced tech staff are very familiar in an array of technology platforms and can image or configure any device to your specifications prior to shipment.

Packaging and Shipping

Once your IT assets are ready for deployment, our logistics team will package and ship the devices to your location in coordination with a deployment plan, ensuring the asset is available when the installation technician arrives.

We prepare an asset for shipment along with its required accessories from our Central Distribution Center in the US for security and time efficiency.

All products will undergo thorough quality check protocols prior to shipment. We utilize the best of breed in industry packaging available. We safely ship by not packing more than three switches in a single box. In the case where we are shipping more than 15 switches, a “Gaylord” will be used to pack multiple switches into a pallet order. Blind Dropships are possible when using freight as the shipment method.

Direct 2 OEM wants to be your long term partner to assist in your implementation of your goals in the best way possible.

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